"Time to get creative!"

 That's what they said. "When one door closes another opens so find that door. "        

    I did! 

A painter, a birder, a naturalist. That's me.

WOW! Around every corner there is something else that needs painting

I'm Marg Millard and  I live in  the most beautiful place in the world. I paint to share my feelings  about this home of mine. I guess that's it in a nut shell.  

My passion

I am enthralled by the sea. Calm or stormy I need to chase the light as it plays over the waves.   Follow my  journey as I paint my Nova Scotia. 

The times, they are a changing.

Not only is the climate changing, bringing storms that carve  familiar scenes into totally different landscapes but the quaint fishing ports are disappearing. I  paint  "my" Nova Scotia as the world around me evolves.  

Contact me.

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Better yet, see me in person!

I'm in the studio most days. 

Feel free to chat at  shows and markets

Fine art: paintings by Marg Millard

19 White Point 2 Rd.,, White Point, Queens Co.,, R R 1 Hunts Point,, NS B0T 1G0, CA

(902) 683-2393